Buy a second CRS cover

“Oh, no…!”

For parents with young children less than 3 years old, you will most often face this kind of situation.

Infants and toddlers frequently pee, poop and even vomit. Therefore, the child restraint system (CRS) will need to be cleaned when this incident occurs.

The process of cleaning the CRS cover, which is contaminated with urine, feces or vomit is undeniably arduous and laborious. However, the CRS cover needs to be cleaned as soon as possible for easier removal of filth. The filths left behind will leave a lasting impression and will be difficult to clean.

⚠️ Always REFER to the CRS MANUAL for specific care and cleaning instructions. ⚠️

Product care instructions in CRS manual.
Courtesy from Puan Dinas Elni.

Read further on washing CRS covers here.

Should CRS be used continually, parents with infants or toddlers are encouraged to purchase a second CRS cover in preparation for such an incident. Thus, the filthy CRS cover can be cleaned and dried thoroughly whilst using the other one.

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