Non-Conforming Accessories: Extra Paddings

Many parents love fluffy paddings on their child safety seat (child restraint system, CRS). This behaviour usually manifest into doing something wrong – adding aftermarket accessories such as extra paddings that does not come with the CRS bought.

These accessories are called ‘non-conforming accessories’ or ‘third-party accessories’ or ‘aftermarket accessories’ because:

  1. It is not made by the CRS manufacturer. If you open your CRS manual, it clearly states that you should not do any modification or add any other things that does not come with your CRS.
  2. It is only allowed to be used in a particular model. This involves accessories produced by the same CRS manufacturer but is only limited to be used with a certain model, not for all.

Why adding extra paddings are prohibited?

  1. It is not crash tested along with the CRS – what will happen during a crash cannot be predicted. It may endanger your child. Do not let your child be a crash test dummy!
  2. It may cause wrong positioning of seat belts or harnesses. Look at the picture above; the baby’s head is pushed forward. This may increase the risk of sudden death due to constriction of airway especially in newborns!
  3. The materials used may not follow CRS manufacturing standards – it may come from non-fire-retardant materials or consist of traces of toxic material.
  4. Most of these paddings are not compact although it may seemed fluffy. With very small load, it may compress. During a crash, a compressed padding will create a big pocket of area behind the chid, causing the harness to ‘loosen’. It may cause your child to be thrown out of the restraint!

Stop the use of aftermarket paddings in your CRS! If you have bought one, limit the use of it in strollers.

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