Tightening Seat Belt Installation for Forward-Facing Safety

Last month we have shared with you how to tighten the slack in seat belt installation for Rear Facing Safety seats here:

Today we are going to show you how to tighten the slack in seat belt installation for Forward Facing Safety seat. It’s even simpler! Remember, you will only do these steps once you have understood the instructions of how to install your child restraint system (CRS) from its manual. Different CRS, might have different belt path, so go through the manual first and buckled it in as instructed.

The same 3 steps process applies:

1. Push in CRS into the seat bight in the direction of the dotted lines using your knee or your hand.

2. At the same time, pull the shoulder belt nearest to the buckle towards you.

3. Feed all the extra slacks you have pulled, back towards the retractor and lock the CRS using a built-in lock-off or a locking clip provided.
⚠️ Make sure you test the firmness of installation by holding the CRS nearest to the lap belt path with one non-dominant hand and try to move it sideways. It should not move more than one inch sideways or to the front ⚠️

Have you got it right?

FF Installation

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