Benefits of Rear-Facing

Did you know why experts say rear-facing is better than forward-facing?

Frontal impact or offset frontal vehicle crashes make up the majority of all collisions. Although rear-end crashes represent about 30% of total crashes, however, they comprise only about 5% of all serious and fatal crashes. Thus frontal collision is the key point in taking safety measures.

When a child sits rear-facing during a frontal collision, the forces are distributed along the entire body (head, neck, and back). The child is cocooned by the safety seat shell and the head moves with the seat – reducing the risk for neck and spinal injury.

However, when a child is forward facing, the harness holds the child’s torso, while the head is unrestrained. The child’s head moves forward abruptly, placing the force loads on the child’s neck – resulting in head and spinal injuries.

Been forward-facing your child too soon? Try to turn him back to rear-facing!

Benefits of RF

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