Top Tether Anchorages

ISOFIX Top Tethers

According to ECE R44/04, para 2.14.5 states that “ISOFIX top tether anchorage” means:

✎ A feature such as a bar

✎ Located in a defined zone

✎ Designed to accept a top tether strap connector and transfer its restraining force to the vehicle structure.

Top tether anchors are sometimes used in addition to the ISOFIX lower anchors (see OR the vehicle’s safety belt to secure a child restraint system (CRS) to the vehicle and prevent the CRS from tilting or rotating in an impact.
⚠️ Identify the need of using the top tether anchor by checking your CRS manual ⚠️

The provided picture shows that there are varied locations of top tether anchorages, depending on the type of vehicle (i.e. sedan, SUV, MPV, pick-up truck, hatch-back etc.). The top tether anchorages will either be on the rear shelf, in the boot, at the back or bottom of the vehicle seat, or it may be under the roof of the car.

To identify the location of the top tether anchorage look for the anchor logo. Always check your vehicle manual first to know whether this feature is available or otherwise. Make sure the anchor that you have found is indeed a top tether anchor and not a cargo hook which cannot withstand the force of a crash. A cargo hook is used to hook a net to make sure things inside the cargo area doesn’t move around. It can only withstand a few kilograms of weight, unlike the top tether anchorage that is designed as a safety feature to withstand impact in a collision.

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