Alhamdulillah… We did the right decision to refer to CPS for the fitting of our Doona’s for our Twins. Learnt a lot. Now more confident to drive the twins around in our car.

M.A., Father of 3MO Twin Girls, Jan 2018, Shah Alam

Thank you, Puan Dinas and team for checking out car seat. We have been using it for months but didn’t know much about it until we joined the car seat check event. Thank you for all the info. For those parents who want to check whether they are using and installing the car seat correctly should follow this page as they provide important information that will benefit us, parents.

F.H., Mother of 6MO Boy, Jan 2018, Shah Alam

Went to the event yesterday. Thank you for checking our car seat. Found out it was not perfectly fit for my (Toyota) Vios. No wonder the base keep moving and not fixed properly. It is in our plan to get a second car seat for my (Perodua) Myvi, so ended up bought another one straight from LittleWhiz (where the event was held).

M.S., Father of 8MO Boy, Jan 2018, Seremban

Terima kasih dan tahniah CPSM. Dua kali event dapat join. Semoga terus adakan event “car seat check” untuk bantu rakyat Malaysia pasang carseat dengan betul.

Good luck.

H.H., Mother of 3MO Girl, Jan 2018, Banting

Thanks to CPS team especially Puan Dinas for checking my kid’s car seats. Finally, I know how to properly install the car seat  For more than 3 years I’ve been installing it wrong! Previously I’ve been looking for someone I can refer to for the installation but cannot find anyone until early this year this page popped up on my newsfeed 

To CPS team, teruskan usaha untuk memberikan kesedaran kepada rakyat Malaysia tentang kepentingan penggunaan car seat untuk keselamatan anak-anak.

H.H. & M.N., Parents of 2YO & 6YO Girls, Dec 2017, Kuantan

The whole team is really helpful offline and online. Car seat check done was very helpful and informative. Correcting mistakes with the proper approach to educate without blaming or shaming. 5 stars!

F.F., Mother of 6, 4 & 2YO Boys, Dec 2017, Shah Alam

Love their services. Friendly and very very informative. Hopefully, they have more plans to make checks at more places! Thank You team CPSM!!

N.Y.S., Mother of 4YO Boy, Nov 2017, Kuala Lumpur

Terima kasih banyak-banyak tolong cekkan car seat anak-anak kami di Taman Molek Sabtu lepas 18.11.2017. Baru tahu rupanya si abang 10 tahun pun masih perlu pakai booster.

E.M.N., Mother of 5YO Girl, Nov 2017, Kulai