CRS Parts: UNECE R44/04 Label

This isn't exactly considered as 'parts' for a child safety seat (child restraint system, CRS) but it is nonetheless an important part of it. In fact, it is a CRS identity regardless of which standards it follows. When buying for a European, EU (UNECE) approved CRS, always look for the orange (sometimes red or black) … Continue reading CRS Parts: UNECE R44/04 Label

5 Simple Car Seat Installation Tips

From researching a new child restraint to installation, there are many decision need to be made. Correct Installation and usage are very important. Here, we would like to share some simple tips to look into to ensure the correct installation:- Take time to read the┬ámanual. We mean both car owner manual and child restraint manual. … Continue reading 5 Simple Car Seat Installation Tips

Selecting a Child Restraint System

y3 types of Child Restraint System The BEST Child Restraint MUST Fit your child in terms of height, weight and age Fit your vehicle - as in able to get a good installation Fit your budget and household dynamics in terms of ability to use it correctly each and every time your child rides in … Continue reading Selecting a Child Restraint System

Crash Dynamics

A collision or crash is a random multi-factor event where one or more individuals fail to cope with their environment. It is an undesired circumstance(s) which gives rise to ill health, injury, damage, or increased liabilities. THE CONCEPT OF CRASH FORCES There are many factors related to injury prevention that must be considered before, during, … Continue reading Crash Dynamics

How Car Seats, Booster Seats, and Seat Belts Prevent Injury

Like a seat belt, child safety seats or often called car seats and booster seats are considered as the passive safety systems in a vehicle if installed and used correctly. They do not prevent crashes from taking place but they can prevent injuries & fatalities by reducing the severity of injury to vehicle occupants involved … Continue reading How Car Seats, Booster Seats, and Seat Belts Prevent Injury

Injury Prevention: Statistics & Challenges

GLOBALLY According to the World Report on Child Injury Prevention, the majority of child injuries for children below 18 years old, resulted from road traffic collisions, drowning, burns, falls or poisoning┬╣. These are categorised as unintentional injuries, which can be prevented. The rate of child injury death is 3.4 times higher in low-income and middle-income … Continue reading Injury Prevention: Statistics & Challenges

Choosing the Best Child Restraint System for Your Child

One of the most common questions we received from parents; "What is the best brand/model of child restraint for my child?" Our simplest answer is usually this: "The best CRS* would be the one that fits your CHILD and your CAR. And it must be used correctly each time". *CRS = Child Restraint System. We … Continue reading Choosing the Best Child Restraint System for Your Child

Time for a Change? When to Change CRS for Your Child

We were often asked, "How to choose a car seat?" "My child is now so tall, do you think we should upgrade his car seat?" "When should we change her car seat?" Choosing and buying a car seat or CRS (Child Restraint Systems) for a child can be an overwhelming experience for new parents. So … Continue reading Time for a Change? When to Change CRS for Your Child