Rear Facing Car Seats

Types of Rear-Facing Car Seats There are two main types of rear-facing car seats: Rear-facing-only car seat that may have a 3-point harness or 5-point harness. Many models have a detachable base. Some models require using the base. Rear-facing convertible car seats have a 5-point harness. Rear-Facing-Only Car Seats Always check the car seat label … Continue reading Rear Facing Car Seats

Common Car Seat Errors

Common Harnessing Errors Harness not used and the child is just sitting in the car seat Harness straps that are too loose Harness routed through the wrong slots Harness that is twisted Harness that is frayed or damaged Crotch strap that is adjusted too long Harness not at or below shoulder (for rear facing) Harness … Continue reading Common Car Seat Errors

Car Seat Check with Cosatto Malaysia

On October 28th, 2017, we did another car seat check event in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. Event was sponsored by Cosatto Malaysia and was held from 10am to 2pm. Initially 15 slots that we offered were all booked but final turnout was only about 60%. Overall it was still a good number and hopefully we … Continue reading Car Seat Check with Cosatto Malaysia

Car Seat Check With Carosello

We did another car seat check event, this time was with Carosello Babykids house on last September 9th, 2017. The event was successfully held from 10am to 1pm and more than 90% slots were taken by parents. It was held at Puchong, adding another location covered by the CPS team for car seat check event. Venue was … Continue reading Car Seat Check With Carosello

Collaboration With Koopers

In collaboration with Koopers, we were sponsored a spot at TCE Baby Fair to represent CPS Malaysia (CPSM). Being the representatives from CPSM, we were given the opportunity to attend to any inquiries relating to Child Restraints at Koopers booth. The fair was held in 2017, 29 & 30 July at Midvalley Exhibition Center. Quite a … Continue reading Collaboration With Koopers

Car Seat Check In Melaka

As early as 6am on Sunday morning, our team had gotten ourselves ready to depart to Melaka for our Car Seat Check event. This was the first event we held outside Klang Valley and it was sponsored by Cosatto Malaysia. As usual, the event was opened to the public and those who came with Cosatto … Continue reading Car Seat Check In Melaka

Car Seat Check Event (2016)

2nd Car Seat Check was done in 2016, January 16. It was held from 10am to 3pm and total of 14 parents came on that day to get their child restraints checked. Common Child Restraint (CR) misuse/errors found in this event Improper CR installation Always refer to the car manual and CR manual to get … Continue reading Car Seat Check Event (2016)

Car Seat Check Event

Our very first Car Seat Check was held in 2015, November 15. The event ran by Child Passenger Safety Advocates. These are trained and dedicated individuals who are able to check range of child restraints. It was held from 10am to 3pm and total of 11 parents came on that day to get their child … Continue reading Car Seat Check Event

Crash Dynamics

A collision or crash is a random multi-factor event where one or more individuals fail to cope with their environment. It is an undesired circumstance(s) which gives rise to ill health, injury, damage, or increased liabilities. THE CONCEPT OF CRASH FORCES There are many factors related to injury prevention that must be considered before, during, … Continue reading Crash Dynamics