Malaysian awarded International Instructor Of The Year 2021 by the National Child Passenger Safety Board

Malaysian Jchanet Tan has received the International Instructor Of the Year award from the National Child Passenger Safety Board (NCPSB) of the United States, according to a statement by the organisation. Sponsored by Toyota Motor North America, the award was given to Tan for her contribution to the passage of child passenger safety regulations in Malaysia.

Tan formally began her advocacy journey in 2017 with her self-funded attendance of a National Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) certification course in the United States, and attained the rank of instructor in March 2018. Tan delivered her first national CPST course in Malaysia shortly thereafter, said the NCPSB, and she has trained 77 technicians to date, including 12 in Singapore.

The NCPSB also credits Tan with starting the first non-governmental organisation in Malaysia dedicated to keeping children safe on roads, and its associated Facebook group has grown to have more than 27,000 followers, it added.

Jchanet’s efforts included “pit stops” for quick, road-side car seat checks, the save-to-purchase programme to verify the authenticity of child seats and a rent-to-buy programme in aid of low-income caregivers.

“Changing an entire country’s way of thinking about child passenger safety is the legacy of Jchanet Tan, who took it upon herself to become a technician and instructor. She is a difference-maker and has demonstrated that there are no limits or boundaries in the world of child passenger safety,” said NCPSB chairman Lonny Haschel.

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