R44/04 Para 6.1.5: Material Toxicity

What does your child’s toy have in common with a child restraint system (CRS)?

Leachable limits of toxic materials in them!

A child restraint manufacturer has to declare in written form that the toxicity of materials used in the CRS that is in contact to the restrained child (the cover & harness especially) is in conformity with the relevant parts of CEN Safety of Toys, part 3 (June 1982).

This requirement which falls under Para 6.1.5 in UNECE R44/04, does not apply to CRS of groups II and III.

Some examples of the elements that are considered toxic are antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, & selenium. The effects of being overexposed to these elements ranging from adverse effect to a child’s development, disruption in hormone system to causing cancer.

Now, if the original cover that comes with your child’s CRS is already safe as they follow these rules, why would you want to use third-party accessories or add-ons not approved by the manufacturer?

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