Swaddling in CRS

Just received a bundle of joy? Using an infant carrier for your newborn? If yes, read this Try It Tuesday tips from us!

We always swaddle newborns. Sometimes we also swaddled them in the child restraint system, CRS. There is nothing wrong with swaddling and in fact, it is recommended to give the safe feeling to a baby who always wanted to be cuddled. However, timing and how you do it inside a CRS are important.

The first thing you need to consider is the temperature inside the car if it is suitable to swaddle a child. Make sure when swaddling, your child isn’t too hot that other issues will arise from it like rashes or induce crying to the baby.

Secondly, you will have to buckle your baby like usual WITHOUT the swaddle. Ensure there is no slack of the harness.

Only then should you tuck in the swaddle around your baby, ensuring it only tucks to the sides and not in between your baby and the CRS. To make sure of it, you may need to fold the swaddle to a smaller size. Also, make sure that your baby’s face is not covered or potentially covered by the swaddle.

⚠️ Avoid buckling in your child while he/she is swaddled. It will cause a slack in harnessing and the harnesses can flop to each side of the shoulders. Your child might still be thrown out of the CRS in an accident ⚠️

Swaddling in CRS

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