Seat Belt Maintenance: Routine Inspection

In all the years of using our vehicle, we don’t usually pay attention to the seat belts condition. However, they are your lifeline when accidents happen. Below are some of the things you need to check regularly:

1. Webbing inspection
The webbing should be flat throughout its entire length
Ensure there is no plastic burn marks, frayed stitching and any signs of rippling

2. Tongue and buckle inspection
The assembly between tongue and buckle should securely latch together with limited movement
The tongue should eject actively when released
Buckle should be intact with no visible crack on the buckle

3. Anchorage inspection
Ensure all anchorage are free from corrosion and securely fastened to the vehicle structure
All mounting points should not show any signs of deformation

Please contact your authorised service centre for necessary action should you find any non-compliance with this list.

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