Rear-Facing In Front of Active Airbag

Two weeks ago we’ve discussed how some parents turn their child forward-facing too soon in our CRS Usage Errors segment.

This week, we would like to stress about how some parents put their child rear-facing in front of an active airbag. This is a grave mistake.

If you noticed, there are several reminders and warnings about this in your vehicle. For example the instructions and reminders in your vehicle owner’s manual, the warning signs on the sun visor as well as the “SRS Airbag” symbol on the dashboard. The varieties of reminders and warnings show how serious this is.

What will happen to your child if you’re involved in an accident when he/she is sitting in this position?

The airbag which deploys at 320 km per hour will hit the back of the child restraint system (CRS) causing it to bounce towards the back of the front passenger seat. The back of your child’s head will be subjected to massive force and his/her face crushed after hitting the vehicle seat. Death could be inevitable.
⚠️ NEVER install a rear-facing CRS in front of an active airbag ⚠️

Always adhere to installation and usage instructions in your CRS manual as well as the vehicle owner’s manual. Children are safer in the rear passenger seats.

If you’re currently doing this error, CHANGE IT NOW and forgive yourself for not knowing better. Please inform your friends about this so they will understand and know it too.

RF at Air Bag

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