Head Flop in Forward-Facing

We’ve always seen a child sitting forward-facing having a head-flop problem when they sleep, right? It looks painful.

If your child is below 6 years old, you shouldn’t worry. Their neck is actually still flexible enough that there won’t be any pain sleeping like that. Don’t believe it? Did you remember our post about the neck vertebrae?

Human neck vertebrae according to age

Look at the diagram in the post. A child’s neck vertebrae will harden like an adult’s at the age of 6 years old. So you still have time to train them on how to sleep correctly in their safety seats.

Actually, the most important thing to be concerned of isn’t their comfort, but rather the position of the head that flops, so much so that it came out of the protection of the side impact area. When the head flops forward, and a side impact collision happens, the child’s head can hit the side window and door instead of being saved by the side impact protection of the safety seat.

There is a lot of factors that cause a head flop. Among them:

✎ The recline angle of the forward-facing safety seat.
✎ The vehicle seat pan that is rather flat, adding to the reduction of recline angle.
✎ Loose harness
✎ Harness slots used are too low.

How do you prevent a head flop?

Correct any errors as listed above (if any) first. Usually corrections will solve this problem.

Then only you teach your child to tilt their head upwards or to the side when they feel sleepy. It is doable!

⚠️ DO NOT add any third party accessories to solve this problem. Any additional items that doesn’t come with the seat may harm your child during an impact ⚠️

Image source: http://infasecure.com.au/

Head Flops

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