Airbag: Great for Adults, Not for Kids

Airbags are designed for the supplementary protection apart from seat belt use for adults in vehicles. However, when there are children involved, airbags may be harmful to them because of the speed and impact it deploy. It is also because of the child’s anatomy which is not suitable with the location of the airbag which is designed for adult’s anatomy. While a frontal airbag may be able to support a jerking adult’s chest, the same airbag may hit the child’s head or face because they are shorter.

The key here is the vehicle owner’s manual. Start your readings by opening this manual. Locate the markings in the manual physically in your vehicle to see if they are installed in your car because it might be different than what is noted in the manual depending on the model variants sold here.

To locate the airbags physically, look for the labels that say “Airbag” or “SRS Airbag” at these locations:

  1. The dashboard at the front passenger seat.
  2. Fabric labels or others at the side of the vehicle seats.
  3. Labels on the front, rear and center pillars of your vehicle.
  4. Underneath the steering wheel.
Side airbags possible locations.

Please be reminded that the locations might differ but you will have to check all these four locations and ensure the limitations set by the manufacturer is met.

You MAY:

  1. Need to switch off the airbag (if your vehicle has a switch).
  2. Cannot install the CRS at the location.
  3. Cannot put any objects at the location to prevent it becoming a projectile or hinder the deployment of the airbag.

⚠️ NEVER install a rear-facing CRS in a location with active frontal airbag ⚠️

Watch what will happen if you do it.

A frontal airbag deployed during a crash with a speed equals to a bullet train will hit the back of the rear-facing CRS. Your child may die immediately!

So check your vehicle and vehicle owner’s manual to ensure your child’s safety!

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