CRS Instruction Manual

A child restraint system (CRS) will always come with an instruction manual. It is required under any standards used to build the CRS, be it UNECE, FMVSS and others, to have an instruction manual at least in English, sometimes in the language of the country where it is sold.

Reading your CRS instruction manual is as important as correctly installing & using them. Always remember that only the manufacturer will know the limitations of their product. Thus, you will always have to adhere to their guidelines and instructions to ensure optimum safety for your child.

CRS Manual

Always keep the child restraint manual WITH the child restraint. In both UNECE R44.04 and FMVSS 213, there are requirements for the storage of instruction manuals to be always on the CRS. This is to ensure that if anyone else is going to install the child restraint and use it, they have a proper guide to install and use it correctly.

In ECE R44.04, under paragraph 15.3.16, there shall be provisions made so that the instructions can be retained on the CRS for its life period. Under S5.6.1.6 in FMVSS213, it is required that each CRS shall have a location on the restraint for storing the manufacturer’s instructions.

Both requirements call for a special compartment or pocket for the instruction manual to be stored as they can refer back to it anytime. The location may differ based on brand and model, so refer back to the manual to see the exact location.

Be very careful when buying a CRS as we have seen some sold in the market without even having an instruction manual!

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