ECE R44.04: Force to Open a Buckle

Some kids below 4 years old are able to open their child restraint system (CRS) buckles. If the vehicle is stationary, this is not a problem. However, we have heard from many parents about their children opening the buckle during a journey!

In this short article, we are not going to discuss on how to overcome that, but we will explain the buckle design according to UNECE R44.04 standards.

According to clause, the force required to open the buckle of a CRS has to be in the range of 40 to 80 N.

The minimum force of 40 N is approximately the force required to lift a 4 kg item. So, if your kid can open the buckle of an ECE R44.04 CRS, in theory your child can also lift an object of 4 kg.

If this is not true, your CRS buckle might have a problem or has been damaged that it is so easy to open. Call up your CRS manufacturer to ensure your child’s CRS is safe to use.

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