Vehicle Owner’s Manual

Vehicle Owner's Manual

Our CRS Installation Tips today will cover the importance of reading your VEHICLE OWNER’S MANUAL.

Child restraint system (CRS) installation will usually be covered under one whole chapter in your vehicle manual. Under this section, the type of restraints suitable and the positioning of installation will be clearly advised.

So how do you find information in your vehicle owner’s manual?

  • Open up the Index section (the last few pages in your owner’s manual). Use the keyword “child restraint system” to find the chapter and which pages it is in. Open up to the page listed in the Index section.
  • Read the whole chapter. You will see several tables that show the allowable installation location. Make sure you refer to the correct table.
The type of CRS standards to be used are also mentioned apart from the allowable installation location.
  • Usually, CRS installation using ISOFIX or seat belt will be in separate tables. Pay attention to different notations used in each columns and lines. For old vehicles, you may not find such tables. Do not worry, simply read the whole chapter to see if there are important points to take note.
Specific to this example, it is shown that there is no ISOFIX lower anchors at the front passenger and rear center seating. Apart from that, only a specific brand and models are allowed for ISOFIX CRS other than class B, B1 & A.
  • The location for ISOFIX lower anchors and top tethers (if any) are also mentioned in the manual. You will need to check in your car if it really exist.
Location of ISOFIX lower anchors are shown in the manual. Sometimes, head restraint need to be removed before installing a CRS. Always refer to the manual if removal is allowed.

Pay special attention to warnings mentioned in this chapter and follow the recommendations by your vehicle manufacturer as they usually will have tested their vehicle for child occupancy protection and will know the car’s limitations.

Failure to follow the vehicle owner’s manual will risk your child’s safety even though he/she is sitting on the best child restraint available.

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