One of the error that is frequently made among parents using a highback booster as their child restraint system (CRS) is not fitting the seat belt to the child to get the correct belt positioning.

Belt guide is part of CRS which helps to position the seat belt properly on the child’s body. There are two types of belt guides on a highback booster, namely:

1. Shoulder belt guide

2. Lap belt guide

For an ECE approved CRS, the belt guide is usually marked in red or the guide itself is in red colour.

Some belt guides are easily identified. However, some belt guides are small and a bit hard to access. When choosing/buying a CRS, it is important to check and test the belt guide. Listed are among the important key-factors which need to be considered:

✔️ Easily identified
✔️ Easily accessed and threaded
✔️ Seat belt remain in the belt guide (does not slip out and/or twisted between uses)
✔️ Seat belt easily retracted through the belt guide upon unbuckling the seat belt

Share with us your review and/or experience on your CRS belt guide.

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