Common Car Seat Errors

Common Harnessing Errors

  • Harness not used and the child is just sitting in the car seat
  • Harness straps that are too loose
  • Harness routed through the wrong slots
  • Harness that is twisted
  • Harness that is frayed or damaged
  • Crotch strap that is adjusted too long
  • Harness not at or below shoulder (for rear facing)
  • Harness not at or above shoulder (for forward facing)
  • Crotch strap is adjusted too long, or not through slot closest to the child
  • Harness not placed on the child correctly
  • Chest clip is not at armpit level (applicable to some models)

Common Installation Errors

  • A seat belt that is too loose
  • A rear-facing-only car seat that is installed in forward-facing direction
  • Seat belt routed incorrectly through the wrong belt path
  • Incorrect recline angle especially for an infant
  • Not using the appropriate tether anchor or using it when it should not be used
  • Locking clip installed incorrectly (applicable to some models)
  • The carrying handle not used in the approved position for vehicle travel for infant carrier
  • Using two seat belts, or using a seat belt and lower anchor attachments together, unless allowed by the car seat and the vehicle manufacturer (applicable to CR models with LATCH)
  • Incorrect use of lower anchors and tether, not installing lower anchor attachments to the correct designated lower anchor bars or attaching the connectors upside down (applicable to CR models with LATCH)
  • Installing a car seat with a lower anchors in a seating position that is not a designated LATCH position (applicable to CR models with LATCH)
  • Installing a seat with LATCH when the child weighs more than the vehicle and/or car seat LATCH weight limits (applicable to CR models with LATCH)


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