Car Seat Check With Carosello

We did another car seat check event, this time was with Carosello Babykids house on last September 9th, 2017. The event was successfully held from 10am to 1pm and more than 90% slots were taken by parents. It was held at Puchong, adding another location covered by the CPS team for car seat check event.

Venue was great, ample space for cars to park allowing us to do the check comfortably, and most importantly, it was also easily located, just in front of an MRT station.

Of all the child restraints checked, many were installed loosely, allowing the CR to move more than an inch. Some had used the wrong harness slot, the correct one should be below or at shoulder level for Rear Facing, above or at shoulder level for Forward Facing. Some had loose harness strap, the reason why many children could take their little hands out of the strap and likely to endanger them should crash happen.

Other than Child Restraints, the team also took time to tell parents about the potential projectiles in the car. Unsecured water bottle, for instance, can be deadly during a crash, same goes to the most popular item, Mobile phone. These loose objects may hurt you when the crash force is applied in the event of a crash. So parents, start cleaning and organize your car. By doing so, you may reduce the chance of injury should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash.

Potential projectiles (source: autobytel)

Thank you to parents who made time to come. Those that made it possible told us, if you love your child enough there shall be no reason worth considering for their child’s safety. And that is the reason we keep doing what we do.

We hope more retailers would come forward and work with us, so we could help more parents at various locations in keeping their children safe while riding in a car.

Again, thank you Carosello Babykids house for the sponsor, we hope to work with you again in future!

Here are some photos taken during the check, have a look on how we usually do car seat check.

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