Car Seat Check In Melaka

As early as 6am on Sunday morning, our team had gotten ourselves ready to depart to Melaka for our Car Seat Check event. This was the first event we held outside Klang Valley and it was sponsored by Cosatto Malaysia. As usual, the event was opened to the public and those who came with Cosatto child restraints were entitled to get free check, while others were checked with a minimal fee of RM15 per child restraint. All parents who attended were also received a goody bag by Cosatto Malaysia.

The event was successfully held from 10am until 3pm at Dataran 1Malaysia, Pantai Klebang, Melaka. During the check event, we had been distributing flyers to the public who happened to be nearby the event and briefly shared about Car Seat Check event and the works we had been doing in CPS Malaysia. Parents also had the opportunity to purchase a seat by Cosatto as Cosatto had set up a booth to sell some of their child restraints.

Of all the child restraints checked, unfortunately none were found to have been installed correctly before the event. We have mentioned this, and we will keep mentioning again, it is important to check and ensure your child is in the right seat and avoid car seat misuses. Advocates and Technicians from CPS Malaysia had ensured that parents had the correct knowledge to make sure their child restraints were installed and used correctly.

Despite being exhausted under scorching sun, finishing the event is a great honor for us. We’d like to thank all the parents who came for the check event and good job keeping your children safe while travelling in the car. We wish to expand our works beyond Klang Valley to spread the awareness on the importance of Child Restraint for all children. Hence, in an effort to reach the widest audience possible, please help us to promote our coming events in any channels you may have.

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