Car Seat Check Event (2016)

2nd Car Seat Check was done in 2016, January 16. It was held from 10am to 3pm and total of 14 parents came on that day to get their child restraints checked.

Common Child Restraint (CR) misuse/errors found in this event

  • Improper CR installation
  • Always refer to the car manual and CR manual to get a proper installation. A simple wrong seat belt routing will affect the way the CR is supposed to perform during a crash. Hence, putting your child at risk.
  • Long belt stalks or buckle crunch
  • Some cars have long buckle stalk. Installation via seat belt with this type of buckle may not be done properly. CR may move after installation due to the long buckle stalk and you won’t be getting a tight install. Sometimes, the buckle will also rest on the bend of installation belt path. This would add some strain on the belt and could force the buckle open. To get a long buckle stalk low enough to work properly, you can twist it up to three full turns.
  • Loose harness strap
  • Make sure harness is ALWAYS strapped snugly to the child’s body, to hold the child in the CR, preventing ejection during a crash. Loose harness strap may cause the strap to slide out from the child’s shoulder. In the event of a crash, this will not be able to hold the child in the CR.

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Please join us in car seat check event to find out any errors on your child restraint. It is better to find out in a car seat check event then during a crash. We have passionate technicians/advocates that are able to help you in child restraint matters.

Find out more about our 1st Car Seat Check

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