Car Seat Check Event

Our very first Car Seat Check was held in 2015, November 15. The event ran by Child Passenger Safety Advocates. These are trained and dedicated individuals who are able to check range of child restraints. It was held from 10am to 3pm and total of 11 parents came on that day to get their child restraints checked.

How do we check a Child Restraint (CR)?

The main things we check during car seat check are:

  1. CR is compatible with your child
  2. CR is compatible with your car
  3. CR is installed correctly
  4. Harness strap is used correctly

We also gave any other useful advises such as buckling unused seat belt next to CR and the importance of eliminating misuses.

Misuses/errors found in this event

  • CR incompatible with the car
  • Some child restraints require Top Tether to be installed correctly. Most of the old cars may not have a Top Tether anchor. For this, we advised parents to get the car manufacturer to advise on installing a Top Tether anchor in the car so that the CR can be installed correctly.
  • Using aftermarket products
  • We do not recommend the use of aftermarket products that did not come together with the CR. Aftermarket products such as padded harness cover and head & body support for infant are among the common purchases by parents. For example, head & body support makes the harness too loose due to its thick padding. In a crash, the padding gets compressed and the strap will be loose, leaving the child at risk.
  • Loose harness strap
  • The harness should be strapped snugly to the child’s body, to hold the child in the CR, preventing ejection. Do the ‘strap pinch’ or slide your finger underneath the harness strap to check whether the harness strap is loose. If you have room for more than a finger at your child’s collar bone, then the harness strap is loose and may not be able to protect your child in the event of a crash.

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Please join us in car seat check event to find out any errors on your child restraint. It is better to find out in a car seat check event then during a crash. We are passionate advocates and will help you in child restraint matters the best we can.

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