Selecting a Child Restraint System

y3 types of Child Restraint System

Types of CRS

The BEST Child Restraint MUST

  1. Fit your child in terms of height, weight and age
  2. Fit your vehicle – as in able to get a good installation
  3. Fit your budget and household dynamics in terms of ability to use it correctly each and every time your child rides in the motor vehicle

Child Restraint Parts:

CRS Parts

The above are the basic parts and accessories of a child restraints. There are some seats that comes with extra parts, accessories and features. Buy those that already come with the extra parts that you want. Any aftermarket products have not been tested with the seat and may cause your child to be less safe.

Read the Labels

Label 1wp-1481348110449.jpg

Read the labels carefully before purchasing the seat. Look for height, weight and age limit information to identify if the seat is suitable for your child.

Upon purchasing your seats, remember to send in the registration card. It is important to register your seats so that the manufacturer can contact you in case of a recall and update on the seats. Some manufacturer will also have a warranty for parts.


SafeKids Car Seat Guide


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